These Walls Talk III

Who doesn’t love an artistic way to look at women?! Well, if you don’t then this These Walls Talk III was not the event for you. Artist showing their work of VAGINAS. Yes! V-A-G-I-N-A! With several artists, vendors and one of the dopest female djs in ATL, DJ HourGlass, to look at the art perceptions of a woman’s pussy was phenomenal and didn’t make me feel vial for saying that word and looking at another woman’s vagina without making my wife mad…lol.

With amazing art pieces from Invert The World Art and DesignsCAKE – Rising Female Tattooer, Artist and Love Inspirer, D. Hodges, and many more. Such an amazing event that I am sure the next one will be an even bigger success. 

Oh, by the way I even picked me up a print from the talented D.Hodges himself:

Check out more images below…’ll find some amazing COOKIES to look at! Thank you Kimberly of VaVaVoom for allowing me to come see great art


Kontrol Magazine Fashion Jams


December 9, 2016

Kontrol Magazine hosted their 7th Annual Fashion Jams: Beauty & The Beat with special guest host SUPER MODEL Jessica White (@iamjypsywhite) with performances by Mishon(@mishon) and more and DJ Nephu on the ones and twos.


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Tuesday, November 29 at Aisle 5 in Little 5 Points of Atlanta, Georgia there was an event. Not just any event. An event catering to young men and women of the Indie Neo-soul music genre. Ruby Woo and Chic Loren, individual artists and the creators of 3 Shade of Soul, closed out the year with three amazingly, talented artists: Teeya Skipper, Brik Liam and The Band of Brothers.

Each act gave the audience smooth and memorable music that consisted of great vibes, arm chills, and rock-n-roll style head bobbing. Aisle 5 was filled with musical talents supporting each artists as friends and gaining new music to download by hearing new music. As the night progressed many familiar faces appeared in the building like R&B singer Keke Wyatt, Karlie Redd from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Jasmine Burke actress from Saints and Sinners, Wondaland recording artist RōMAN GiANHartha, and many more.

What I truly loved the most about this night was being in an environment with other entrepreneurs within the entertainment industry nesting in Atlanta, Ga full of young people. Here are a few of the ladies spotted enjoying the melodies:

To see more photos click here.
All photos captured by BlondeHair’dGirl. Special THANK YOU to the creators of 3Shades of Soul for having me and awesome job to performers Teeya Skipper, Brik Liam and the Band of Brothers.
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3 Shades of Soul: @3shadesofsoul – Teeya Skipper: @theteeyaskipper – Brik Liam: @brik.liam – The Band of Brotheres: @theboblive



If you haven’t seen or heard about the ICE: ANDRO FASHION SHOW then you are waaaaaay behind! If you were in attendance for last year’s show DAPPER: ANDRO FASHION SHOW then you know comedian and show creator, Kia McCall-Barnes also known as Kia Comedy. This year Kia and her team will be bringing double the sexiness, double the style, and a double touch of class.
Kia Comed (L) watching practice with model Lola(R).

Kia Comed (L) watching practice with model Lola(R).

With another showing of our androgynous and transgender loves on the runway will feature some of the most amazing LGBTQ designers like”Gender Free World” out of London, “Style is Freedom” from New York, “Dapper Dames” from San Diego, Royall Dinero of Atlanta, Tomboy X from Seattle… and more. So, if you haven’t purchased your tickets then click ICE: ANDRO FASHION SHOW to get yours NOW!
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Checkout these practice photos taken by freelance photographer, Jett.


Lately, one of the biggest buzz has been the fabulous, sexy and fashion icon Rihanna. Her style can go from ballroom classy to urban sexy with island goth in between at any time. One of her most recent looks of wearing a long button down peeking past the hem of a short denim skirt completing the outfit with navy blue velvet socks and patent leather pumps (pictured to the right).


So after seeing how dope she was looking. I just had to put my own little spin from her look. The only thing I was missing was the long, wavy hair and velvet socks (which I must do a diy ASAP!).

So here it is! My most recent photoshoot with inspiration from Rihanna,


Atlanta Teen Magazine threw an amazing teen-socialite event, SLAYFEST’16, last weekend held at 595 North off of Northside Drive in Atlanta, Ga. SLAYFEST showcased some of Atlanta’s rising teen talents of models, dancers, and musical entertainment.

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BTS: Beauty in the DNA

This past weekend has been filled with nothing but amazing shows and networking opportunities. Here’s a glimpse of what went on behind Beauty in the DNA Launch Party.

To see more behind the scene images from this amazing show click view.


Thursday, Oct. 20 The Penthouse presents The VibeHouse. An atmosphere filled with great vibes, great music, great artists, and great people located in a very dope and artistic venue, Artlanta Gallery. An event organized to bring together some of Tuskegee University Alumni’s’ with talents in the arts to demonstrate and show case their business.

Check out some of their dope work  in my #VIBEHOUSE gallery.

Artlanta Gallery






If you have never been to the dope, artistic loft on the corner of Metropolitan and Shelton Ave. in Atlanta, Georgia then you are missing out! As an ATLien, I have never been to this location. A spot filled with nothing but art, good vibes, good music, and Atlanta’s own flare of urban-hippies.

Artlanta Gallery known for hosting dope events dedicated to the independent artists and musicians held an event catered to alumni of Tuskegee University currently residing in Atlanta or surrounding areas. There were several music artists along with art and fashion vendors like Amir James, YoMEGZ, PENTHOUSE, Art by Tay and our feature of week Troisieme.

Redefining “casual classics”

Redefining “casual classics”

MR.JAMES, designer and the creative mind behind this amazing brand, Troisieme. Upon approach I had to ask, “How do I say this, so I do not mess it up”? With a smile and chuckle he laughed and said “twa zee em”.  Troisieme, a word with French style characteristics of slim, tailored fit with an American flare.

Troisieme has a collection of basic tees, hoodies, slim fit joggers, and more. This amazing  mens wearing looks appealing, feels of great quality and gives you something personally from the designer; his hand stitched exclusive T.E.F. pieces that reminds of you fur from fluffy teddy bears or a rug that makes your tired feet feel at home.

With a good 5 year plan, James will have an expansion of his brand with more than just you comfy appareal, but with a line of tailored fit blazers, pants, suite sets, and more to make you American-living men feel like you shopped from a boutique in France.

To learn more about Troisieme, visit

The Penthouse presents The Vibehouse located at the Artlanta Gallery

INSTAGRAM@troisiemeltd       VISIT

Stress Me Down x LEAH R.


Cheers to the freak’n WEEKEND!

This weekend BlondeHair’dGirl will be collaborating with wardrobe stylist and revamp designer Leah R. She will be showcasing her newest collection STRESS ME DOWN.

I am so amp’d to be working along side of her and being able to catch some BTS (behind the scenes) love. So, be sure to stay tuned for next weeks post about these 3 shows:

  • 10.22– Beauty in the DNA presented by Her Bmonet & Good Genes Management
  • 10.22– Alora Fashion Show
  • 10.23– Atlanta Teen Magazine’s SLAYFEST’16beautyindnaalora-fashion-showslayfest16